How can I become a volunteer distributor?

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I’ve finished with my newsletter:

First of all, thank you for reading it!

You may like to pass it on to someone else that might like to read the articles or who may benefit from knowing about local businesses. It might be worth keeping it somewhere safe ready for if you ever do need to use a local business!

If you can find no further use for the newsletter you may like to let your kids turn it into paper aeroplanes and see who has the best design or it could be shredded and used as pet bedding (assuming the ink used isn’t going to pose a problem – don’t forget to remove the staple!)

Finally if you’ve reached the decision to say goodbye to the newsletter it is 100% recyclable!

I’ve heard newsletters aren’t environmentally friendly

This isn’t entirely true. Like absolutely everything in life it will have a carbon footprint. The newsletter is printed on a renewable resource and is 100% recyclable so therefore they’re more environmentally friendly than the use of computers to read articles and view adverts as the newsletter is made of a 100% recyclable product and it is one of the world’s most recycled products.

The print company we use, uses “Eco Friendly inks & paper”.

There is an element of irony when people use their computing devices to complain about paper newsletters which is lost on some.

Computers consume electricity and have an ongoing carbon footprint, our newsletters don’t.Computers contain rare earth minerals and non-recyclable components, our newsletters don’t.The carbon foot print of producing a computing device is significantly greater than a paper newsletter.Computing devices are often produced in factories abroad that have poor working conditions and poor human rights. Our newsletter is produced here in Wilstock, and printed in Taunton using paper that is FSC certified sustainable.

For more information, you may wish to compare Facts & Myths over at  https://www.twosides.info/