Antisocial behaviour on the rise.

On a daily basis, I’m receiving messages, emails and many phone calls from residents informing me about anti-social behaviour: littering, criminal damage, noise, speeding; the list seems endless.

At the time of writing (Sunday 9th August), I’ve had reports of pills being ‘placed’ on leaves in or near the Netherclay Woodland.; youngsters swimming in Norton Brook; the finding of a large quantity of drawing pins both in and out of the water.

There has been yet another report of criminal damage in the grounds of Bishop’s Hull Primary School, the second in a week; more damage in the child’s play area in the centre of Bishop’s Hull and youngsters climbing on the open barn roof at Longrun Meadow and bad-mouthing passers-by, who are concerned for their safety and upset at the malicious damage being caused.

Then there are the parties which are taking place at Netherclay Woodlands; the noise so loud it could be heard far and wide and of course, a mountain of litter left behind.

Countless calls and reports of groups of youths out of control, being very rude to anyone who dares to question their actions. This in particular, has become more prevalent since lock-down and is a regular occurrence throughout our area, again mostly on our green spaces.

Noisy cars and motorbikes speeding in built up areas, with complete disregard to the speed limit or the safety of others. This is particularly frustrating, as this selfish behaviour is also disturbing residents late at night.

The Police are doing their best, however they are stretched to the limit. If you witness incidents similar to those above, please contact the Police using the non-emergency 101 number.

They welcome your call, so please don’t feel you’re wasting their time. When calling, you can remain anonymous and of course it would help them if you have descriptions, car numbers, photos, CCTV, times, locations, in fact anything that will make it easier for them to act upon your information.

Litter, broken glass, clothing and yes, I did say clothing, left everywhere. I’m regularly informed about these issues, again mostly occurring in our green spaces. Reports from the Park in Galmington of cans torn apart, dangerously left on the ground, along with wipes, sanitary towels, used face masks…Why are people doing this? Similar issues in French Weir Park, used face masks and gloves, together with broken glass found in the children’s play area.

Let’s have more litter bins you say and yes that will certainly help, bins with lids. However, I doubt the main perpetrators will bother using them.

Could I politely suggest to those few who do leave their litter behind, or dump it beside a full bin, that if you can’t find a bin or the bin is full, please take your litter home with you. The same applies to Dog bins.

Take Care, stay safe. John Hunt



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