Hi, my name is Sophie, I am 8 years old and I love Orangutans! I am raising money for Orangutans because some Orangutans are being kept as pets and aren’t being looked after right, but with lots of donations more Orangutan helping centres can be built. Orangutans are also endangered by deforestation caused by people chopping down their habitat and planting more trees for palm oil.

I hope you could also help the Orangutans by making some donations or stop buying food that contains palm oil. It’s important to make these changes because they could go extinct along with lots of other amazing animals too.

The charity I chose was the Orangutan project. They take in Orangutans and give them new homes, they also look after them in the right way. They give the Orangutans all they can to survive. Sometimes Orangutans can get shot down from trees. The Orangutan project takes them in and nurses them back to Health.

I have helped the Orangutans by creating a plant sale and giving all the money to the Orangutan project. I have raised £13 so far. I got £10 from my grandparents and £3 from other people who bought my plants. I also wrote to my school and asked them to make sure school dinners don’t include palm oil or that it is from a sustainable source.

I need to say thank you to my grandparents and a thank you to the people who bought some of my plants. I will be putting my plant sale out every day if anyone wants to buy any of my plants. There is a post on Facebook about where you can find my plant sale.

Now I’m going to tell you a fun fact about Orangutans. There have been many Orangutans escapes from zoos. The way the Orangutans escape is they watch their zookeepers lock the cage and then they steel the keys and unlock their cage and then run away for their freedom!

Written by Sophie Keeble




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