Opening up (and wisdom)

It has been a week here in the UK. So much has happened and so much will continue to happen. We want to be safe, but we want to be active… so we stay alert, whilst having no idea what that really means. So, we are enabled to return to a time of common sense, simple human wisdom. You and I know what this means for us, and that might be different to what it means for your or my immediate neighbours.

What it clearly means to all of us though, is that whatever we do, within the law, we must do safely.

Stay alert is not good enough for me, as society reopens, stay safe is what I continue to aspire to. And I, and you, continue to seek wisdom and guidance on this.

For us at the Parish Church of St Michaels, seeking wisdom has meant that we gave ourselves that extra week between the 15th and 22nd of June to clean the church, write a risk assessment, advertise opening times and get procedures for entering the building; get the space set up, and the obligatory posters made.

It means that as you enter the church building you shall be kept as safe as possible. And it means that we as a church rest secure in knowing that we are doing the right things.

Seeking wisdom and guidance has meant the practical, but it has also meant praying. Seeking God’s wisdom. As such we have agreed to open the church, twice a week whilst the building is occupied by volunteers Tuesday and Friday 9-5. We want you all to be able to find space in the place, but not feel intimidated as such, there will be music and images for you to use in your own prayer time.

We wanted to open the space, but we didn’t want to reduce our online and snail mail communication with folk either, neither did we wish to confuse what is private prayer with what is public worship, as such we will not be open at times folk normally associate with church services, i.e. Sunday and Thursday mornings.

The Church is open every day, just call, or email.


And the church building shall be open: Tuesday and Friday 9.30-1.30 or by appointment, just call 01823 762721 or email or

Love, Rev. Justine



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