There has been a thing on TikTok where the young write the song that reflects how they feel about 2020, thus far.

Each song is pretty much incomplete. Because who knows what is around the corner? right? Who does?

We have had the huge fires in Australia which dominated our screens and our thoughts at the turn of the year then World War 3 threats, then Covid-19 jumped on board, then we had global uproar at the death of George Floyd, on the street whilst in police custody. And the ensuing ‘BLM’ marches. Plagues of locus in Africa and white-faced hornets in America. Since then we have had alien sightings and the return of the Loch Ness Monster. And then Beirut, and the explosion that has destroyed a city and made a vulnerable people more vulnerable.

These TikTok videos are significant though, not just because they provide a platform for a young person’s confusion and sometimes, but not always , their creative skills, but because they reveal to us that unusually the global situation has been much more prominent in our minds than our own individual, more localised, lives. When was the last time you saw this, not simply a few days or weeks ago, but now, for the better part of the year?

What is also important, is taking out the alien sightings over Edinburgh and the return of the Loch Ness Monster, globally these concerns have been the same, if not magnified by locality. The same. Not polarised by side.

The kids on TikTok, have nailed it. In 2020, we have been part of a huge thing; we have realised our common humanity. A common humanity that was reflected too, across the world in the church’s calendar when Isaiah writing 3000 years ago, spoke of all people meeting on God’s holy mountain. One people in the presence of God.

But the TikTok videos do not stop there; 2020 is not yet over. We should not stop here either. As things go back to the new normal we are reminded to live and to act and to love one another—  at home and around the world as ‘One people’. 2020 is not over yet, let us continue to live it as one, with care and concern for our global wellbeing.

Much love,

Revd Justine

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