Well in mid-March 2020, I was all set to put together an upbeat article, reporting an increase in our membership. Then – BOOM! – everything changed in an instant.

So, I’ll take this welcome opportunity to tell you a bit about the Walker Art Group. Our usual meeting time is on a Tuesday afternoon, mostly in line with term-times. We meet between 2 – 4 pm in the Walker Room at Comeytrowe Community Centre. Our current charge is £20 per half-term.

The Walker Art Group is an informal, untutored group. The intention is that people come along with the materials they wish to use and an idea of what they want to do.

We want our members to enjoy what they are doing, rather than worrying about getting it right’. As with any group, some people are more experienced than others and we all help each other develop as we go along – we all had to start somewhere. The nature of an Art Group tends to be that quite a lot of time is spent quietly working together, but there are also times when we indulge in a bit of a chat.

I have included a few samples of work that has been produced by people involved with the Walker Art Group. As you can see there are differences in style, which is to be encouraged.

At the moment, it is difficult to predict when it will be possible for groups such as Walker Art Group to start meeting-up again, but hopefully we can take-up from where we left-off in due course.

Written by Lynne Nash



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